Wednesday, June 20

Lotbiniere Ave.

As it was Wednesday, just after 5:00 p.m., I left the house and headed down toward Frontrunners to meet the clinic. After not knowing what to expect the first few weeks ,I've come to really enjoy running with the group and can really understand why Brad did it for so long. After training for several marathons by myself and logging far too many miles (alone) I definitely enjoy the social aspect, but also their enthusiasm (of which, I put to the test tonight).

After a leisurely two mile warm-up (and showing them where I do my strides), we started into the days festivities. The plan was simple, a 10' out-and-back tempo along Richardson followed by 6x 1' hills (with full recovery).

I ran toward the front of the group during the tempo session and was surprised at the speed the front runners were keeping, everyone looking smooth and steady. I'd conveniently arranged for our tempo to end at the infamous Lotbiniere, where after some brief instructions (and a 2' rest) the group had me flabbergasted as they launched themselves into the hill like they were being pursued by a Walmart greater... very impressive!

My legs felt fine day, but I think the hill caused my left achilles to flare up as I noticed it was sore while stretching my calf this evening, I'm going to have to pay attention to that (and perhaps adjust my workouts accordingly in the future).

Training: easy 59:46 with 6x hills strong