Monday, June 18

The missing ingredients

I came home this evening and found myself in a predicament. With Ally in Calgary for two days, and the car at the airport, I had no means of transportation (save for my pins) and yet needed to pick up a few missing ingredients for tonight’s masterpiece… tagliatelle with ragu. And so it was that I left the house with my bank card (which I just retrieved from my shorts before sending it into the wash) and a shopping list tucked neatly into the pocket in the rear of my shorts.

My runs have been feeling really good of late. I can’t quite describe it, and I realize this sounds cheap, but I think it has more to do with my state of mind then my physical circumstances… I’m really enjoying running. Today for instance, the temperature warm enough to run with your shirt off but not so hot that sweat ran down into your eyes, the streets seemed empty save for the odd runner and the birds were busy searching out food. All the while, I clipped along feeling smooth if not just a tad sore from yesterdays run.

I proceeded to take a very roundabout way to the shop and after dashing in to purchase six rashes of bacon, parsley, some beef consume and one stick of celery I was back out the door, hardly missing a beat. I headed home but not without leaving my assorted purchases street side and throwing in a few strides.

Training: easy 41:55 with 6x 20” strides


Eric said...

Any interest in having your own TV show? I can see the Food Network ordering up a few episodes of the 'Running Chef'.

Tagliatelle with ragu sounds a lot better than the warm Slim-Fast I'm drinking right now...

Sounds like the recovery is going well. Good news!

Michael said...

The "Running Chef", you're killing me. I'd love to have my own TV show, and as much as I love cooking, I think I'd need to find another subject matter. How about reality TV, 10 people, training for a marathon (12 weeks, 12 episodes)... all different athletic abilities? Big race (Boston/NY) or small, Victoria/Fargo? We’d need a catch though…

My recovery is going okay, but it’s not without any hitches. I was talking with a friend today, explaining how I feel my hamstrings are catching on barbs periodically while I run (and more so afterwards), I think it has to do with not stretching nearly enough.

How are you doing, how is the motivation? I’ve always found enthusiasm to be the kicker, it goes prior to my body letting me down.

Cliff Tam said...

Runnign Chef sounds like a good idea. U can film it and upload it up on youtube :)

I love those type of runs.

Eric said...

The show idea sounds great, and I bet there would be a decent audience given the number of people who are interested in or have run a marathon. There is no shortage of 'characters' in the running world, either. A casting director would have a field day putting together a show like that.

I'm doing just great, getting ready for my first road race post-marathon, and everything is going well. As far as motivation, I have this video that speaks well to how I feel about the concept. I've always found overtraining and a lack of recovery will kill the interest in getting out for a run quicker than anything. As long as I recover enough between workouts, the excitement level seems to be there.

Be careful with the hamstrings and the achilles. You did two marathons back-to-back and it has only been a few weeks. A lot of that muscle damage can take over a month to repair itself. Don't be afraid to give yourself some more downtime. You'll get back to full speed quickly, and in better position to run well.

Anonymous said...