Sunday, June 10

Wedding plans

This week, and unfortunately weekend, has flown by with the speed at which Martin Lel ca cover 26.2 miles. Having spent a disproportionate amount of the last five months preparing for two marathons my/our wedding date has been steadily drawing near with only a cursory attention from me. I've been comforting myself, repeatedly talking to the voice within and reminding him that I don't like drawing out the preparation for an event, i.e., I don't buy Christmas presents in July. That said, somewhere between booking the venue last October and recently sending out our invitations I now find myself looking over my shoulder... luckily for me, my post-marathon recovery couldn't have been better timed.

On Thursday I manged to drag Hicham out for an easy run, and much to his chagrin, took him along the coastal (goat) path and down onto the rocky beach. I have always loved this route as it forced me to run slowly on easy days. With Hicham preparing for the Scotia Bank (?) Half Marathon I think he could have done without the sand and pebbles (sorry my friend).

Saturday I had the pleasure of leading my thoroughly impressive half marathon group (along one of my favourite routes) while on our first outing together. I was a bit nervous heading out, unsure of everyones fitness level (given the discrepancy in age and experience) but it couldn't have worked out better, the group clicking along like a pro cycling team practicing for the team time trial (minus the EPO and other performance enhancing drugs). Through BHP and down toward the water, along Dallas to the Chinese Cemetery, up King George Terrace, up the stairs, through Oak Bay and back along Brighton.

After two weeks of rest and recovery, Monday (Tuesday actually) I will begin a slow and closely monitored build toward my next key race (a half marathon in mid-September). The plan is to take advantage of my recent training and quality while pulling back the volume for a while. After the half, it's more R&R for 3-4 weeks (late Sept. early Oct.) and then some solid base work in the fall, leading toward a spring "thon".

I'm tired, it's late...

Thursday: an easy 46:05
Friday: day off
Saturday: an easy 1h17'58
Sunday: day off