Monday, June 11

Something a little different

One night last week while grocery shopping, I proposed to Ally that we buy goods out-of-our-ordinary, shopping for either brands or functional substitutes (skim milk vs. rice milk) that we haven't bought in the past. The catch was we still had to eat healthy (fun and games I know, but humour me). We resulted in coming home with an entire smorgasbord of food that we wouldn't normally buy resulting in a change in menu for the week (today we had mushroom and parsnip soup, I love it).

Despite what I said yesterday about starting my run training tomorrow, today I ran . Returning from work I looked at my new program posted on the side of the fridge and was surprised to see that I'd scheduled myself an easy run for today, Monday. Who knew, clearly I didn't? So with last weeks shopping shake-up still fresh in my head, I started my jaunt determined not to trace one of my typical routes. Self-induced change twice within the week not your idea of fun, what can I say, I'm an accountant.

After dropping Ally's video off, I proceeded down Moss and then turned up a hidden set of stairs, climbing a Narnia like tunnel thick with vegetation that lead me atop Moss Rock. Allowing myself a quick view I spied the Governor Generals House and a plan quickly formulated. Rumour had it that a few weeks back "they" opened up the lower trails that had previous been closed for years. I jogged up Lotbiniere Ave. and turned the sharp corner into the grounds and without too much difficulty found the elusive lower loop, a secluded grass and mulch trail that took me just under 2'50" to complete cruising at a comfortable pace. Who said change is bad?

Training: an easy 34:35, AHR 134, MAX 154 (Lotbiniere)


Cliff Tam said...


Thanks for your comment.

That picture is actually taken at PEI. I was there in 2004. I flew there, rented a bike and cycled around the island for 3 days.

Best time of my life :o)

Mark said...

such a daring woman to go along with the food idea, any leftovers?

Anonymous said... the food idea. The rule in our house is every grocery shop we get one "mystery item". Either something we have never had or something that we have no clue what to do with or what it is. We have found some great new food and some pretty "special" things, too. Good to change it up.
Jaymie and Hicham

Anonymous said...