Monday, August 20

And so it begins, house hunting...

I wish you could enroll in a course on "How to Purchase Your First Home", as today was reminiscent of the first day of swim lessons, where I was thrown into the deep end with a bunch of kids who already knew how to swim. I looked around, wide-eyed, searching for a hand to grab a hold of, anything that would give me some purchase, and sadly, as the chlorinated water splashed into my eyes, all I saw were smooth tiles and a ledge that was out of reach.

All this, while not wanting to look scared.

I am a man, I should know what I'm doing... shouldn't I?

Today was just an introduction, just something to whet the appetite, tomorrow, we're back for more, and oh, I pray this is a brief exercise. You see I'm torn, not only do I get Buyer Guilt when I make any purchase over $100, hence my over analyzing cautious tendencies, but I also hate shopping. I detest shopping. Now, the fact that I'm shopping for the LARGEST (notice I didn't say most important) acquisition of my life, well, that just makes it even more interesting.

To make matters worse, and for those who are not from around here, I have the distinct pleasure of living and searching in a very over inflated market. It seems Victoria was discovered about eight years ago, the same year I completed my last Ironman and decided to pursue a career in accounting.

A week in review, 4h51'51", for a total of about 70km (nothing stellar, but just what I wanted as I ease back into the running realm):

Monday: day off

Tuesday: 35:42 easy

Wednesday: 51:35 easy

Thursday: 1:12:25 easy/moderate

Friday: day off

Saturday: 1:30:45 easy

Sunday: 41:24 easy, Mount Doug, I loved it!

... and today, Monday: day off