Sunday, August 12


This weekend was ushered in on the coattails of an emotional hurricane, which leaves me now drained and with a nearly empty glass on Scotch by my side. Saturday afternoon and evening, Ally and I attended the very lavish wedding of her cousin Marcia but not before I managed to sneak away and run with the clinic early that morning.

My group and I met at a small coffee shop amidst the rural Saanich Peninsula where we wove our way along the better portions of the Lochside Trail, up pastoral Central Saanich, over Bear Hill, around the Lakes… taking us back to our cars. I was so impressed with the route that I’m going to have to retrace our steps soon by myself. Unfortunately, we lost a few brave souls on the run, Andrew who bailed early after falling twice and Heather.

After being away from my group for the last 4 weeks the progress they made in my absence has been amazing and I have every confidence that they will all succeed in reaching their individual goals come race day.

Although I didn’t run today, I did find some time to map put the next few months and I’ve tentatively scheduled the Arizona Marathon (in Phoenix) as my next big race. As I’m no longer working with Bruce, I had the luxury of playing around with a half dozen programs and a lot of experience and I’m eager to see where my new program takes me (rest assured that the program I made today will morph many a time in the next week).

On a sad note, Ally and I attended the funeral of her Godfather who passed away this week after battling cancer. I’m fortunate not to have attended too many funerals and so today’s ceremony was something that will leave a lasting impression with me. Listening to the friends and family speak of Graham was heartbreaking, comforting and yet could only inspire me to become a better person. But, judging from the hundreds in attendance I think he inspired more than just myself along his journey.

Thanks Graham.

Friday: 39:43 easy
Saturday: 2:00:05
Sunday: Day off