Sunday, August 19

It was perfection… happy birthday!

I wasn’t afforded the luxury of sleeping in yesterday as I had to meet the clinic for our scheduled morning run.

[Sleeping in is relative though, 6:00 v. 6:20]

Instead, I awoke at my normal time, stumbled out of bed, punched on the computer and then made my way into the kitchen to make some coffee. Making coffee has become even more of a routine since receiving our first coffee grinder as a wedding present; I love the thing.

Armed with a delicious warm cup of coffee, in my favourite mug, I made my way back to the computer and was startled as Ally yelled out, “Happy Birthday”!

Wow, that was a first, I’d forgotten my birthday and I loved it, it was everything I’d asked.

After two weddings, one job interview and a funeral, when asked, I’d told Ally that I didn’t want to do anything special for my birthday. I wanted to sit back, hibernate from society, and enjoy our time together… just for one evening. The fact that I’d forgotten about the day only proves I’d made the mental leap, it was the perfect start to a great day.

As I’m easing back into running I’d scheduled myself a second day off this week, which worked out for the best as it allowed me time to find ourselves a realtor. With Victoria home to the highest average house prices in the country, buying is something that Ally and I, okay at least I’m looking forward to as much as you would a final exam.

Yesterday, I met the group at Caleb Pike and for all but one of them, introduced them to my favourite trail on the peninsula, the ridge trail that runs north from Caleb Pike, over Homes and Jocelyn Hill and down toward Mount Work. They loved it… the photo was taken one evening in June when Ally and I were out there.

Friday: day off
Saturday: 1h30’45”