Wednesday, August 15

Why did I feel so good?

I was only going to nap for ten minutes, just relax back onto the bed and shut my eyes and allow my subconscious to take me on an adventure, anywhere, I wasn't fussy... just ten minutes max. This wasn't too much to ask, not after having to spend the morning at the hospital for more x-rays, working from home and then attending a job interview this afternoon? No, I deserved this.

I remember looking over at the clock and shielding the sunlight so I could read the faintly lit red display, it was 4:47.

I'm not sure what woke me but I remember feeling extremely relaxed and yet trapped. It was as if my body was encased in concrete, surrounding me completely. I wasn't on the bed but underneath it, and I found this strangely comforting.

Where was I?

Why did I feel so good and... shouldn't I be somewhere? My mind snapped to attention with the force reminiscent of the dried turkey wish bone snapping at Christmas, CRACK!

5:23... SHIT!

I'm not sure what happened next, but it occurred all at once; I was phoning my sister at the store informing her I'd be there in 5', while throwing off a T-shirt and leaping onto a pair of black adidas shorts. I turned around to find Ally walking in the door, bonus.

I made it to the shop with time to spare (but not much) and led the group out to enjoy a warm summer's day. This week is about recovery for them so the workout was short 3x(2'/1', 1'/30", 30"/30), and by most accounts they loved it.

Training: 51:35 easy