Monday, August 27

In need of fresh air (and my old habitual ways)

I was surprised by my determination last Thursday as despite having a stomach chock-a-block full of pizza, one Speckled Hen, and the late hour, I dusted off my shoes, laced them up and headed out for a moonlit stroll along the waterfront. Given the days previous six hours, I couldn’t have needed the fresh air more… I guess there’s hope for all of us.

With the arrival of the weekend, I longed for some reprieve in the housing hunting, but like a nagging homework assignment, I couldn’t escape the task at hand. Even as I drove out toward Mattick's Farm to meet my run group, I couldn’t help but notice the ubiquitous “For Sale” signs littered around town. Needless to say, we didn’t find anything but at least, if not wiser for it, I acquainted myself with a few areas of the city never before explored.

Now with the arrival of the new week and the loss of any semblance of what might have been a runner’s body, I find myself reflecting back on my training (if you can call it that with a whopping volume of 4h35’32”) and I’m heartily thankful that the Arizona Marathon is still over four months away.

I miss my regular running routine.

I miss the chase, the hunt and the pain, but I’m welcomed with the thought that it’s out there waiting for me. The next few weeks will undoubtedly pass like a hurricane, but I’m comforted that my honeymoon is only a fortnight away.

Thursday: 31:00 easy
Friday: 28:10 with 5x strides (1’)
Saturday: 1:50:27 easy
Sunday: 42:52 with 5x strides (1’)
Monday: day off

(The picture was taken while walking along the beach off Dallas)