Thursday, August 9

Short but sweet

After yesterdays epic 70’+ run, and having to whip up Island this evening to say goodbye to some relatives before they fly back to England, I decided to ease things back a bit and take it out for a short, leisurely jaunt.

Although it was short, I couldn’t help but notice the pace picked up, even if just subtly. Perhaps it was the benefit of last nights stretching, or the gentle tail wind on the finishing stretch, regardless, I felt good.

Concerning future races, I’ve narrowed it down to a list of around eight (not quite so narrow), and currently I’m leaning toward the Phoenix Marathon in mid-January. I've never been to Arizona and have heard good things about the city, course doesn't look overly arduous (looks like a semi-circle of the north side of the city) and the elevation starts at 1095' and plateaus between miles 12 & 18 (1230'), before falling to 1140'.

Have to run… cheers!

Training: 21:30 easy