Thursday, August 23

Swing batter, batter

No run... or fun this evening. Ally and I spent the better part of this afternoon (and evening) putting an offer in on a house only to find out another offer went in tonight as well, $15,000 higher than ours and $5,000 over what they were asking.

I'm disappointed we didn't get the house but happy to have gone through the process. Perhaps if I really loved the place, I mean really, I would've considered giving more? Regardless, I was really amazed how Ally and I came together and how we stuck to our guns on what we were prepared to offer. The driving around and looking at houses in addition to today's offers is helping to crystallize what I'm searching for as I don't want to be put into a position where I have to settle. I'm also "very" happy with our realtor, particularly given the hoops she jumped through this evening (and it was her b-day).

So where does this leave me? Well, a small part of me is considering going out for a run, nothing big, maybe even just an easy 20', I don't know? I need and want some fresh air, in additional to my life (read "normal routine") back.

Do you think I should (it's 11:03), bets?

I have an eye appointment tomorrow, 7:45 a.m., if she doesn't get food poisoning.

I feel old, weary.

Training: day off


Mike said...

I really got sick of people telling me that it "wasn't the one" when we weren't able to get THE house. We bought in '05 when it seemed every house went for well over the asking price (and out of our ballpark).

We put in offers on at least three houses, and we thought each was THE one. It was heartbreaking to see them go to other people, even in cases where we swallowed hard and offered more than we wanted to.

The story ends with us actually getting the right house. While I hated hearing the advice at the time, it ended up being spot on. I hope you finally get the right one too. Unfortunately, nothing great ever seems to come all that easily.

Chris said...

Patience and like you said, sticking to your guns...also relaxing about the whole afair is important. In the five times we have bought homes, I learned that if we forget about the extra zeroes on the numbers in comparison to say buying a jacket or a car, then priorities morph a bit.

Like area, street, neighbours, work required on house etc., changed from price, age, layout.

A roof can cost you $4000 or so down the road however is inevitable anyway. Whereas a neighbour who is a pain in the ass is priceless (pricefull). Or proximity to a school if and when you have little Lords cruising about, can save you so much in time, money and extreme hassle....

Anonymous said...