Wednesday, August 22

... and so it continues

In the last few days we've managed to look at more houses than I care to think, way too many. Yesterday after work, rather than running, I came home and found myself searching a private listing site for new houses... year, neighbourhood, square feet (finished & unfinished), bedrooms, bathrooms, lot size, price, prior price, days on the market, all stats that I've never really cared about until know. Who knew? Whatever happened to miles repeats, shoe size, VO2 max & marathon pace?

In and amongst and the madness, we did find two houses that we're interested in, unfortunately one has an offer pending, and the other, well we can get in to see it until Saturday, but I digress, where was I, yes, running.

Yesterday, I had every intention of running, I'll do it after we drive around in circles, really. I even went so far as to get dressed. There I was, I'd changed into my running kit (it was 9:10 p.m.) and was at the backdoor lacing up my shoes.

"What am I doing I thought, this is crazy", I sadly put the shoes back and didn't run. I'll switch Tuesday for Friday and as it's my program this time I don't have to answer to anyone. Today though was a different matter, I was down at the shop at 5:15 and we were all out the door 20' minutes later for what was a great workout, 7x800m (2'). The road loop isn't actually 800m, about 756m, but close enough. What I was impressed with was that my group did something I rarely do, they descended to intervals: 3:21, 3:11, 3:15, 3:12, 3:09, 3:09 & 3:08.

Tuesday: day off, wanting to go running, really
Wednesday: 1:03:03