Wednesday, August 29

In desperate need of conditioning

“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.”

As I walked to work this morning, Americano in hand, it dawned on me that my fitness is nothing short of, well, it is just short. This is all fine given my current long-term goal, but as the Royal Victoria Half Marathon is fast approaching I’m a wee bit apprehensive.

I haven’t been doing a fraction of what my clinic members have been putting themselves through. With this in mind, and in desperate need of some conditioning, I registered for the Maui Half Marathon in mid-September. I raced there last year while on a short holiday, and given we’ll be there on our honeymoon in a few short weeks (and yes I cleared it with the missus first) I thought racing would ensure me at least one solid effort while on vacation.

This evening I met the clinic and led them on one of their last Herculean efforts, 4x 10’ (2’). I’ve been thoroughly impressed with their training and tonight was no different.

Re: house hunting, we drove around and looked at four more houses and have decided to follow-up with one. That said, we have our eye on one that hasn’t come on the market yet and are crossing our fingers as the kicker is going to be the listing price.

Training: easy 1:08:45