Tuesday, August 14

An Arizona Snowbird in training...

Today was my first official day of training for the 2008 Arizona Marathon. Yes it's a long way off but as I'm a goal oriented individual I wanted something I could focus on, something tangible, and well, we all have to start somewhere. It's all about the baby steps, just like I was telling a few clinic members on Saturday as I took them up a very abrupt hill, baby steps.

As I hopped out the door set on enjoying what is fast becoming a rarity this summer, the nice warm day, I was already thinking about this post. How I would share about my enjoyment of a casual jaunt, the first of many, and how I would dream, wonder, if they would all feel this good. Twenty-seven minutes later I was reminded that one should never count the chickens too early. The lethargy, fatigue and heaviness that crept into my legs might have stemmed from either of the graveyards I passed, but no, I don't think that was the case. Regardless, things can only get better, right?

Training: 35:42

[thanks for the title idea Carter]


Mike said...

I think you will like the Arizona course. As I mentioned the wind can be a factor, but overall I feel it's a bit less monotonous than Sacramento, if perhaps a little slower without the elevation loss. The turns in the second half keep the mind engaged, and also bring you back into more populated areas.

The last few water stops are densely populated and do make the stretch on McClintock a bit more bearable. The only difficult patch comes during the last 600 meters or so, where you have to make three turns in fairly rapid succession before seeing the finish clock.

I'm glad to see you getting an early start on things, and I'll hope to see you at the race (I'll be spectating though).

Michael said...

Thanks Mike. You mentioned the elevation loss re: CIM, is Phoenix as hilly/undulating (the profile looks good, 1/2 up, 1/2 down.)?

I also laughed when you described the last 600m, it reminded me of my experience at Sacramento last year, I was wasted at that point and swear it was as wiggly as all hell, 19”, I should’ve been able to find them somewhere!

All the best with your current training,


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