Tuesday, August 28

The Big Easy

I left the house today wanting to find my rhythm. I'm not sure where I left it, perhaps on the armchair beside Kawabata's The Master of Go, or at the hospital while I was having one of my many x-rays. Regardless, my lack of rhythm has once again reared it's ugly head just like it did in grade 4 during my first school dance. It was my first ever slow dance, Anna Hibernick had placed her hands on my shoulders (still at an arms length apart), and not knowing any better I followed her lead and did the same. I'm forever thankful for Anita running out onto the floor, grabbing my hands, and putting them on Anna's waist. Alas, I digress. No... when I was out on Sunday I couldn't help but notice that my rhythm, my easy gait, was missing. I miss the fluidity that is gained when putting in the miles, the way the shoes seem to glide along the street and the smooth carriage of ones arms, I miss it all. So today, I set out to try and recapture that rhythm.

Today was pretty simple, 5 strides was all the schedule called for; done and done.

Training: 37:07 with 5x strides (1')