Tuesday, August 7

One guaranteed sorry backside...

Thinking my life, my running life to be more specific, would slip back into some sense of normalcy post-wedding appears to be wishful thinking. After a routine of irregular running due to my arm (which is still broken, more x-rays next week) and preparing for and recuperating from my wedding, my running, and perhaps rightfully so has taken a seat... as has lethargy and complacency, which have pulled up a footstool, turned on the tele and are content to watch reruns of Seinfeld.

In an effort to keep my legs moving (a little) and build up some stamina as I'm due to return to the clinic tomorrow, I've been trying to fit in a few easy runs between playing with my cousins from England, swimming in countless potholes holes and counting stars on my mothers porch (she lives atop a small mountain well outside the city limits). The last week has been fantastic! That said, as I operate countless times better when driven by a goal, I need to spend some time over the next few days, sooner rather than later for fear of hopelessness pulling up aside along the other two monkeys, and set out a plan for the next few months.

Unfortunately, after my honeymoon in September, I'll have little to no vacation left and I haven't been able to find a good local race to peak for in late fall/early winter. I could aim for the Stewart Mountain Cross Country 10 Miler in December but... well I've done that one before. Perhaps beggars shouldn't be choosers. Can anyone recommend a late fall (Nov/Dec) interesting (fast/character building/fun) race? Additionally, I do have the luxury of traveling on WestJet so larger Canadian cities are fair game. Any ideas?

Here's to tomorrows clinic and one guaranteed sorry backside...

Thursday: 21:31 easy
Friday: day off
Saturday: 33:11 easy
Sunday: day off
Monday: 40:26 easy
Tuesday: 50:42 easy


Mike said...

So no CIM this year, eh? I remember running on our honeymoon a bit in an effort to stay in shape while enjoying good food and some relaxation. The further I got from the hotel, the more I wanted to be back there. I don't see a problem with a few easy weeks to enjoy the newness of marriage, especially with a broken arm.

Anonymous said...