Thursday, January 24

Asics GT 2130

I picked up a pair of the new Asics GT 2130 after the clinic last night and was eager to take them for a spin tonight. I wasn’t that impressed with the changes the company made with the 2120s (they felt clunky and too spacious in the forefoot) but the 2130s felt good. They were comfortable from the get go and the transition at the mid-foot was much more smooth than I expected. I did find toe-box (is that a word) more roomy than necessary but… I could’ve purchased a size smaller had I listened to Seamus. Overall I’d give the shoe a 90% based on performance and comfort.

With the inaugural Cobble Hill 10k this weekend (race #2 in the Island Race Series), tonight’s workout was short and simple, 6x400 slightly faster than 5k pace. Not wanting to overcook my legs I decided to aim for 78s… that was the plan at least.

After a gentle warm-up in bitterly cold conditions (I decided to keep my tights, both shirts and jacket on for the w/o) and a few drills I eased into the first interval, opening the first 200 in a relaxed 35”. As someone with an abundance of front-end speed, I find running a consistent pace in workouts like this difficult. It has probably been years since I’ve run 400s and it showed as it wasn’t until the fifth repeat that I ran an even split.


I’m excited with my decision to run a quick 5k by mid-March but also curious how this will translate and affect my marathon build (Ottawa is 11 weeks after Bazan Bay). Including the 8k two weeks ago, I’ve scheduled 6 races between now and Ottawa and as a result I also plan on keeping the volume down until much later than usual… just a thought.

Training: 52:42 with 6x400 (90”)


Mark said...

Nice write-up on the 2130's; I'll be getting some myself soon enough.

Good luck in getting those races in with a baby coming! Glad to hear things are coming along fine.

Marc said...

Great news about the baby and Ally! Must be a huge relief.

Just curious, what was your recovery between the repeats?

Chris said...

I thought you were an adidas man...oh...but the shoe tree, of course....silly me.

Michael said...

The recovery for the 400s was 90" which was more than enough given I was going only slightly faster than 5k pace, that and I only did six.

Chris, yes, the shoe tree:) I'll see you Sunday unless there is (too much) snow.

Anonymous said...