Tuesday, January 22


“Let us be of good cheer, remembering that the misfortunes hardest to bear are those that never happen” - James Russel Lowell

The last time Ally received an ultrasound was in the hospital on Christmas Eve, the result of which spelled two weeks of strict bed rest. So it was with some trepidation that we walked into the clinic this afternoon wondering what today’s scan would reveal. Thirty minutes later, and picture in hand, we left the office with anxiety and unease removed from our weary shoulders. The baby is fine, its tiny heart beating a strong 150 bpm, and mum no longer showing threatening signs of premature delivery.

Today is a good day.

I left the house and stepped out into a chilly (-2C) evening, the moon peering over Mount Doug and casting long shadows down quiet city streets. I traced what has know become a familiar path; the orange glow of infrequent streetlamps lighting a corridor, the sides of which are dwarfed by towering conifers. I’ve actually come to prefer running at night in this area, the glow of the lamps creating a tunnel that draws you forward and with all frame of reference lost in the shadows, it’s hard not to feel quick.

I felt strong, relaxed and light on my feet.

They’re forecasting wet snow on three of the next six days. Given the fickle weather here, I wouldn’t normally be bothered but with a race this weekend, a race that has been postponed in recent years due to untimely snowfall I’ll be watching the weather reports.

Training: undulating steady cruise 1:05:27


Thomas said...

Excellent news on the baby. Anything else doesn't really matter in comparison.

Mike said...

I've been silently waiting for this post, and I'm so glad to read it. Continued best wishes to you and the family, Michael. Glad to hear the road is getting a bit less rocky.

Eric said...

Whew...this is great news. Cindy and I have been concerned since your last update. Take care.

Donald said...

Great news!

Tori and I have been sending our thoughts your way...

Michael said...

Thanks everyone, Ally and I are very relieved (and your comments and thoughts are greatly appreciated). We know that we’re not out of the woods yet but with each day the baby grows that much stronger.

As of tomorrow, I think she has only 10 weeks left (perhaps 11). I can feel the anticipation and excitement begining to build but I suspect it’s like waiting for Christmas... only knowing that the date may change at the last minute (I remember Thomas’ account of his most recent addition).

Ah, it’ll all the fun.

Love2Run said...

Great news, the relief is palpable. Take care, the three of you!

Anonymous said...