Sunday, January 6

Trail running - Sunday

I can’t recall the last time I ran at Thetis Lake which I suppose could be due to a) my aging memory or b) having not run there for far too long. Regardless, this morning Hicham, Matt and I snuck back out onto the trails for a truly epic west coast trail adventure complete with streams, mud and hills… many hills. Running with these two is always amusing but due to my poor ability to pick my way through rocks and roots, coupled with downhill running skills that are left wanting makes for a jaunt where I’m constantly playing catch-up.

After the run, we stopped for coffee at Habit running into Marilyn, husband and Donald. After a few gripes about the padded membership list for a local running club which then prides itself on its ability to win the local Island Race Series (starting next weekend) we hopped next door for brunch at Mole leaving the latter far from wanting.

This week I plan on drafting and redrafting a spring training schedule knowing that ultimately everything could and will be put on hold when the baby arrives and therefore won’t be planning anything too audacious.

Saturday: easy 59:17
Sunday: hilly 1:33:33


Brad Cunningham said...

Sounds like the perfect Sunday to me.

Marc said...

It does sound like the perfect Sunday...was there a nap in there somewhere?

You will need to get a Baby Jogger stroller. Our kids loved them from a very early age. We got the 'original' Baby Jogger - very utilitarian (performance series), not like the SUV models that have sprung onto the market. (

Anonymous said...