Sunday, January 13

Prairie Inn Pioneer 8k

I quietly sit at my desk nursing my third much-needed cup of French Roast. I woke this morning, leisurely rolling over and immediately feeling a sharp pain in my upper back… no, not today. After a breakfast of oatmeal and, toast & marmalade I proceeded to spend the next 45’ listening to August & Everything After while trying to work out my new nemesis and at the same time loosen familiar aches (yesterday my left hamstring was giving me some unnecessary and unwanted grief).

Fast-forward eight hours…

Without a recent gauge in fitness I didn’t know what to expect and although I didn’t wanted to hang myself out to dry I did hope for a PB. I compromised on 3:30s but after reaching the 4k point running a controlled 3:25 I decided to go with the flow and let the cards fall where they may.

3:24 (first 2k down hill)
3:25 (next 2k rolling up hill)
3:26 (16:58)
3:29 (uphill)
3:34 (uphill finish)

I’m very happy with the performance on three accounts, (1) I set a 58” PB on the course and distance, (2) I’ve never been this fit at this point in the year an enjoyed “racing”, and (3) I split 5k in 16:58, 6” faster than my 5k PB , which bodes well for Bazan Bay in March.

Congratulations goes out to Mike who ran in Phoenix today and although he didn’t reach his goal (a couple minutes shy), he had the courage to try.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Training: 1h20 with Prairie Inn Pioneer 8k 27:28 (avg. 3:26/km), 16 OA, 3 AG


Anonymous said...

WELL done!
It's just so unfortunate that you run for the wrong team ...

(Hope Ally is doing better!)


Lawrence Behan said...

Great run! Yeah, that 5K PB will fall no problemo. Your 5k split makes me drool.....

Michael said...

Thanks Lawrence, I was happy with the race and it helps to indicate my current level of fitness. I’m also curious to see what having some speed can/will do if I can arrange to pull off a late spring marathon.

Brad Cunningham said...


only in victoria would you 16th with that time. well done. you are super fit. i wish i was there to watch you and hicham in the distance....

Chris said...

Nice work Michael!!

I didn't notice you coming back, as I was fairly mucked up by that point....nice job to have a 5k split as a pb.

Bazan 15:5.....?

Marc said...

Fantastic race!

I think you now have a very good gauge on your current fitness. A
58" PB is great. Your current 5K PB will fall off a cliff in March.

Grellan said...

2 PBs in one race - very impressive.

Looks like all your short distance PBs will take a tumble this year. Well done.

Anonymous said...