Wednesday, January 9

Herculean tasks made easy

As much as you have those days where every step feels like a Herculean task, today was much the opposite. Leaving the house with twilight once again closing her tired eyes, I floated down the street feeling both physically and mentally at ease. I’d mapped out a rather rolling route (nice alliteration) and proceeded to pick my way through the maze of wide, barren, partially lit streets feeling smooth and comfortable. Toward the end of the jaunt, young Adam Campbell spotted me and held back, keeping me company on the homeward stretch. He has volunteered (brave boy) to work with local coaching legend Wynn Gmitroski who wants to try some “new ideas” after conversations with famed author Jack Daniels. I would've paid to have heard what those two were scheming, regardless, best of luck Adam on your build toward Boston.

Later this evening I’m meeting Murphy and Seamus who’ve offered to provide me with some feedback on a training program that I’ve crafted (taking me through the end of May). I’m quite wound up as I’ve wanted to try and better my 5k PB for several years but my spring schedule (or lack of fitness) has always been an issue. Then watching Mike trying to better his own record thing summer reignited my desire (fortunately, unlike Mike, my past performance isn’t quite so illustrious).

Training: undulating 1:01:52 (weights in the morning… my abdominals hurt)