Friday, January 4


“Happiness is not achieved by the conscious pursuit of happiness; it is generally the by-product of other activities” ~ Aldous Huxley

Today, for what felt like the first occasion in countless weeks, I felt the sun on my face. This is not to say that the sun hasn’t been shining, but today felt like the first day of spring, akin to the feeling you get when you find $20 in your pocket. Perhaps it was the fact that I rode my bike to work, or crossed the street to get a soul-satisfying cup of coffee, regardless; I devoured the brightness and warmth like a parched desert nomad.

The combination of starting a new job two days ago and deciding (?) no race in Phoenix has provided me with an opportunity to dial back the running and let a couple nagging injuries (sore left hamstring and twisted/tight right ankle) sort themselves out.

Additionally, not running a marathon this month has opened up a lot of training/racing possibilities for the spring, unfortunately with Ally pregnant and uncertainty around a due date I’m hesitant to a) invest too much effort and b) commit to traveling any distance. That said, I’d still like to run a spring marathon and I’m leaning (again) toward Ottawa at the end of May. I’ve also decided to focus on setting a new PB for 5k, nothing huge, but my current one is a little old and in need of revamping. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many local 5k races and the Island Series race is sooner than I’d like… still, it gives me something to aim for.

Monday: day off
Tuesday: mountainous 1:18:07
Wednesday: day off
Thursday: day off
Friday: hilly 55:56