Monday, January 21

Passion: boundless enthusiasm

“Without passion man is a mere latent force and possibility, like the flint which awaits the shock of the iron before it can give forth its spark” ~ Amiel, Journal, 17 December 1856

With my friends from the UK still visiting, yesterday morning I snuck out of the house far too early to accommodate my long run. During recent months, there has been many a morning where I have crossed our front doorstep entering a world filled with shadows and silent streets, yesterday was different. Although the sun hadn’t risen, the darkness was slowly being replaced with a picture full of subtle blues, grays and mauve.

I suppose it was a combination of temperature, colour and smell that awoke memories long forgotten, reawakening a passion for running akin to something I felt while training for my first marathon. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with my motivation and desire to run of late, something that is comforting and which can easily be disregarded.

Although I had my Shuffle playing, I can’t remember a specific song and I doubt I could easily retrace my undulating route. What I do recall is a feeling of exploration and enjoyment during the first 1h15. Although chilly (1C), I weaved my way along new trails and roads feeling light footed and buoyant (a far contrast from today’s rigidity and taut hamstrings). Toward the end of the run I decided to slowly wind up the pace running a few miles at 6:10 mi/pace, afterwards feeling more tired than I would've liked. I suppose I’m not too surprised given my recent loss of sleep and most of my recent runs being comparatively shorter, still, with a marathon planned for May I’m going to have to ensure my volume and strength isn’t compromised.

The week ahead will be relatively light, some quicker 400s on Thursday and then the second race in the Island Series on Sunday. I'm looking forward to the run as a) it's a new route, this year held in Cobble Hill and b) if I can hold the same pace (3:26km) as I did in last week's race, it will take me within 2" of a PB… interesting.

Sunday: 1:45:38 (3-miles 6:10mi/pace)
Monday: scheduled day off (must stretch)