Saturday, January 19

Bridging the gap

I have to be quick as I’m leaving in 15’ (now 2’) to meet the clinic for their first Saturday run. I’ve mapped out an adventurous route along the waterfront that incorporates Beacon Hill, Ross Bay, the Chinese Cemetery and King George Terrace. I really enjoy exposing runners to paths and terrain that are new and exciting, most enjoy it; it’ll all be good fun (I hope).

I didn’t have to work yesterday and used the opportunity to have a little sleep-in and as such run in the light of day (loved it). With my legs still tight from Tuesday’s hills, I stretched before heading out toward what has become my new favourite route (a series of twisting rolling tree-lined roads).

The idea is for this session is to add some strength into the program, bridge the gap, for the 5k race. The first interval felt surprisingly comfortable and smooth, a tad fast perhaps but good. The second was the recipient of much of the steeper hills and as such kept me honest. My concentration was faded during the last one and I had to remind myself to hold my form and pace.

Just returned from the clinic, wet but great fun. This time around, I have a co-run leader, which I’m very excited about. It’ll be nice to share the responsibility of planning routes and if nothing else save the group from having to listen to my uninteresting lies. I hope everyone has a great and if you’re lucky dry weekend ~ cheers!

Thursday: easy undulating 1:03:36
Friday: 1:08:41 with 3x10’ tempo (2’)
Saturday: easy 56:12 with clinic