Monday, January 14

Great Expectations

I woke up this today tired with my back still sore (it hurts when I breathe deeply) but this time accompanied by some abdominals that feel like they’ve been through a few rounds of a prize fight. Needless to say, after having raced yesterday I decided on not going to the gym and rather enjoyed an unhurried cup of coffee, while willing my body to recover.

Looking back, I’m content with the recent week although lighter on volume than recent weeks. I managed to get in three weight sessions (something I haven’t done in years) and six runs, three of which quality sessions; total volume 5h46, approximately 82km.

The approaching week is structured around volume with only two workouts (a tempo run and long hills) but with a good friend out from the UK expectations raised on today may not be delivered come Sunday.

Yesterday I forgot to congratulate a good friend who after having a rough season last year, got off to a solid start yesterday finishing second in the 8k with a time of 24:40, his fastest time on that course. Congratulations!

Race results here

Training: scheduled day off