Sunday, November 18

The baffled king composing hallelujah

Following Thursday’s workout, I wasn’t surprised at the weariness in my legs come Friday; what did surprise me was just how heavy, verging on cumbersome, they were. I jogged down the dirt hill from our place and onto the trail, taking note as I leisurely passed the first kilometer marker… 5:02 later I decided not to press the pace, but rather convinced myself that today, merely moving was an accomplishment.

Yesterday was uneventful and the pins felt particularly good as I stretched them out with a few 30” strides towards the end of the jaunt.

This morning I wrapped up an easy week with a not-so-easy long run. I was hoping to cruise through feeling graceful and in control; unfortunately, this was not to be. The first hour passed quickly enough but my perceived effort was very much real, with emphasis resting unhappily on the effort. As misery loves company I begun the up-tempo session fully expecting he worst but was pleased to discover that with the pace quickening, and efficiency gains realized, that same perceived effort remained the same.

On a disturbing note, my left foot was giving my grief toward the end of the run. It feels as if a bone has become jammed resulting restricted movement and some discomfort (the camber of the terrain being influential). I noticed it first yesterday but didn’t think much of it at the time, perhaps it’s a result of Thursday, the twenty quick accelerations?

Friday: slow 29:37
Saturday: easy 43:30 with 5xstrides (1’)
Sunday: 2:07:10 with 60’ up-tempo (4:10 to 3:48 pace/km)