Friday, November 9


I don’t think I had been out for more than five minutes yesterday when I knew the run was going to be a struggle. It might have been the four slices of pizza in my stomach, regardless; I pulled the brim of my hat lower (narrowing my focus), dialed it back and continued onward… Cedar Hill, Mt. Tolmie, skirting Mt. Doug and home. It seems that whenever I start to build for a race I invariably have a run like this, one that tests our character and fortitude more than any aerobic ability. I could have easily pulled the plug early on, the depressingly dark grey clouds certainly didn’t aid any.

It wasn’t until I had walked in the door and was grabbing a glass from a cupboard so that I could have some water when I noticed there on the fridge, was v3. What I didn’t realize until then, was that on v3 (unlike any of its predecessors) I had scheduled 2x20’ MPE for yesterday’s run. Who knew?

So today, in an attempt to make up for yesterday’s lapse, I decided to squeeze a (variation of the) workout in on the Lochside Trail. The plan was, 2x4k at MP (approx. 3:36-3:48/km).

14:49 (3:28, 3:46, 3:45 & 3:50)
15:05 (3:42, 3:52, 3:47 & 3:45)

The first interval was okay but I was starting to tie up during the last kilometer. After splitting 3:52 for the second kilometer in the second interval, I considered stopping as I felt, or I thought I did, that I was falling to pieces. I picked up the effort slightly and managed to hold it together, feeling relatively smooth for the last 2k.

Now, we’re off to Zambri’s as soon as I find a way to wake Ally up without disturbing the bear?

Thursday: easy 1:20:06
Friday: 59:12 with 2x4k (2’) at MP