Monday, November 26

Where dreams are made

Tonight’s run was good. I managed to find some time yesterday evening to do a little stretching. You know, arms at shoulder height, bent out at right angles, followed by a few twists of the trunk, perhaps even looking behind to exaggerate the rotation. Next, arms straight above, followed by that dreaded reach for the floor only to arrive at your shins?

Shins, what?

Back up, down again this time with speed… all-most there, once again, this occasion throwing your weight (?) and smiling as your arrive at your destination, the floor, only to be reeled back in like a bungee jumper having leapt toward the Nanamio River. That was me. Tonight then, I felt marginally supple, smirking at the headlights, as they illuminated the freezing rain, and me, enjoying the refreshing shower hoping (and getting) a brief respite.

Once home the rain turned to snow and with smiles on our faces we hopped in the car, driving off in search of our ideal Christmas tree, the one dreams are made of.

Training: easy 42:34


Thomas said...

Be careful when stretching like that. Bouncing into a stretch is an easy path to injury, and it doesn't do much for your suppleness.

Mark said...


Try That's the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

They cover many sports with lots of running related articles without the advertisement hype.

If you read Jack Daniels and others you'll hear the importance of stretching and cross training. Very important as the runner ages.

Michael said...

Thanks for the concern. I did take a little artistic liberty in writing that post, my words perhaps reflecting my perceived inability. But when I do stretch (irregularly that it is) I try and a) slowly work into the position and hold it for a minimum of 20”; which often results in funny comments from the girl.

She’ll walking into a room and ask why I’m just sitting on the floor… to which I’ll reply I’m stretching (isn’t it obvious)?

But you don’t look lie your stretching, your legs are bent.

Trust me I ensure her, I can feel the burn.

I know I should stretch, I just wish it came easier.

Anonymous said...