Friday, November 23

I spoke too soon

I’m in the midst of a busy day so I’ll be brief, I’m tired. Remember yesterday when I mentioned that I wasn’t physically or mentally fatigued, well I’m still mentally in the game but during both my runs today my legs felt as if they’d been put through the wringer. Just now, for a brief second I contemplated having an epsom salt bath but I wouldn’t have a clue where to begin searching for the salt and I know that we don’t have a bath plug… two more items for the list.

A.M. easy 30:12
P.M. easy 39:49


Chris said...

>>Chris – where is your unwavering support in the face of adversity? Or, are you trying to bait me to join you and the boys on Tuesdays?<<

I am base building now, this shall be 100 this what you are talking about??

Bait...bait...come on out...ballsy hills and shivering with beers, it's all good character this Tues I am opening the garage, just for you, come on out.

Michael said...


I "think" I have a w/o on Tuesday, if not, AND you open the hen house... perhaps.

Chris said...

Your workout is a hilly 90 with the many hills & beers would you like?

Anonymous said...