Monday, November 12

The prudent person

A prudent person would be forgiven for thinking that that with only nine weeks left to train, and having only started last Monday, that it could conceivably be a tad premature to schedule a recovery week. Regardless, that’s what I’ve done.

My body feels solid (perhaps better than it has in months), my motivation for this race is at an all-time high and most importantly I have a deep burning desire to train, that yearning you get when you’ve decided to focus all/most of your energy on one event. That said, after reflecting back on my training throughout the last five weeks, coincidently beginning with my most recent race on October 7 (the RVM where I ran a 1:20:40 half), the timing couldn’t be better (week ending, time, approx. km):

10/14/07 6:31:25 92
10/21/07 2:32:18 36
10/28/07 1:17:50 18
11/4/07 5:35:09 80
11/11/07 7:22:39 105

This next week will be relatively light then, the focus being on maintaining my motivation and preparing for the following two weeks. I’ve scheduled one VO2 max workout for Thursday and a long run on Sunday, the rest, gravy!

Training: scheduled day off