Thursday, November 22

The solitude of a lone runner

With the Weather Office forecasting colder temperatures (it was -2C when I left the house), and me leery of riding to work on slick streets, I decided to run to work… again (more unplanned mileage).

I took a more direct path this morning, opting away of the scenic Galloping Goose Trail (it’s pitch black), but subsequently having to shuffle my sleepy body along a seemingly endless succession of hills. You defeintely get a different

With a longer run originally scheduled, I decided to take in the sights and smells of the old neighborhood, kicking leaves in Beacon Hill Park, passing along Dallas stopping to admire a gorgeous sunset, eventually making my way to UVic and home only after skirting Mount Doug. As enjoyable, and cold as the journy was, I was happy to see that my ankle wasn’t aggravated even though I wasn’t wearing my flats.

Despite increasing the mileage faster than I would’ve liked, I’m surprised that the physical/mental fatigue hasn’t hit me unlike previous builds (London in April). I wouldn’t advocate being under prepared but if the alternative was being over trained, well, I’ll take the former.

A.M. easy 37:36
P.M. easy 1:27:26