Tuesday, November 6


It took a little over a week before I was able to thoroughly revel in what will likely be months of fine west coast commuter weather as today, it rained. And, after looking at the long term forecast it appears I will have plenty of time to adjust to these inclement conditions. No, this evening as I biked home I was treated to an inky damp blackness occasionally riding through a shroud of mist hovering atop the warmer ground.

With it getting dark an hour early, and not being familiar with my surroundings, I was at a bit of a loss as I headed out the door. So, like the creature of habit I am I decided to skirt Mount Doug, detouring through Ritchet’s Bog before returning home. I decided to wear my HRM for the first time in months and was surprised at the relatively low readings I was getting… when I was getting them, 125-135. I decided to ignore the watch, and after convincing myself I wasn’t going to fade, was surprised that my frequency and stride length held for the better portion of the run as I lightly pressed the pace.

Training: wet 1:06:26