Wednesday, November 7

Old Speckled Hen

Perhaps not the most beneficial recovery drink, but the “Old Speckled Hen” that is quietly sitting beside me, tiny beads of moisture clinging desperately to the side, makes for some good company.

It rained again today.

On Monday I mentioned having made a new marathon program, today I am on version three (v3). I love tinkering with race programs; at times I’ve questioned whether I enjoy preparing a program (where the possibilities remain limitless) more than I do the race itself (definitely more so that the training). V3 then, a couple more MP efforts and I’ve introduced a little speed work into next week, the volume remains the same. At times like this, I almost wish I were coached.

Arriving home it was still relatively light, that is subjective as the uncomfortably close clouds were a depressingly flat grey hue, regardless, I decided to explore the neighborhood discovering a new park (Playfair) and four new trails… success in my books.

Training: relaxed 43:05