Wednesday, November 21

Running to work

With the weather increasingly more frigid in the morning I thought I’d try a different form of commute, and so late last night I was down in the basement rummaging through unpacked boxes searching for a small rucksack that I could squeeze some clothes into.

On the tail of a restless sleep, and after fueling the body with two pieces of peanut buttered toast, I strapped on my pack, laced up yesterday’s saviors and set out the door. In short, a) running is just as cold as cycling, b) takes almost twice the time and c) was surprisingly efficient, even if my body wasn’t.

Late in the day I dreaded the journey home as my lunch at Earls wasn’t sitting well, fortunately, and uncharacteristically, my stomach settled and the uphill journey verged on pleasant.

A.M. easy 41:09
P.M. easy 38:45


Beached said...

I have found that small backpacks work great. Solomon makes packs just for running/skiing. Also, many of the hydropacks are skinny enough to allow your arms full movement and have stracks to keep them from moving.

How well did the peanut butter go? I learned that lesson one too many times.

Chris said...

I need a good running back pack...and learn how to pack it...heavy stuff on the bottom????

Your training looks good enough...not spectacular...but hey, life gets in the way.

Michael said...

I’ve been using my Endro ”something” 600 (a hydropack) with great success. I used it while training for an ultra a couple years ago. The only problem I face, as Chris hinted, is packing… bring enough clothes to tackle the cold weather has been an issue (in addition to squeezing some clothes to protect my dignity as I shuffle between the gym (showers) and our office).

As for the PB, we go way back, love the stuff (has to be toasted though). It sat far better than the bread and honey I had this morning.

Chris – where is your unwavering support in the face of adversity? Or, are you trying to bait me to join you and the boys on Tuesdays?

Anonymous said...