Sunday, November 11

CIS Cross Country Championships 2007

Between running errands, watching the CIS Cross Country Championships and preparing for my mothers visit, I had only a 30’ window of opportunity to run and ended up pushing the boundaries at that. I savored every moment while out on the trails and my body reacted correspondingly, each stride feeling effortless and more powerful than the last. I began comfortably, heading out along Lochside and into Broadmead, only to slowly wind things up to on the return to a relaxed 6:35 mile/pace.

This morning, with heavy grey clouds threatening rain, and wanting to give myself enough time to make it back for the Thetis Lake Relay (observing only), I didn’t hesitate for a second and was out the door earlier than usual. With necessity not allowing any room for contempt, I felt unexpectedly comfortable throughout the run (however cold), with the first hour passing quickly. Given the abbreviated training schedule (and I know the risk in trying to make up for lost time, you can’t) I decided to add some up-tempo segments to the run, 1x10’ (2’) + 2x5’ (2’) + 5x2’ (1’) + 10x1’ (1’); if nothing else they helped keep me honest and made the second our pass in seconds.

I was surprised that I was able to hold form throughout the run, expecting the combination of the intensity and distance to force a more pedestrian effort.

Saturday: easy 38:25
Sunday: 2:15:06 with 1x10’ (2’) + 2x5’ (2’) + 5x2’ (1’) + 10x1’ (1’) up tempo