Tuesday, November 27


I was running home from work this evening, the sun slowly setting over the Olympic mountains, as I weaved my way through the old neighborhood allowing my mind to freely wander, truly unconstrained, when it dawned on me that “I” was “running” and loving it. My legs were clicking along like a piano metronome, tick-tock-tick-tock, shoulders relaxed and my breath at ease.

It seems I started training only yesterday and although I don’t feel fast, or remotely race ready, I’m content (and surprised) with how my body has responded. Compared with my previous three builds which integrated weekly speed work (5k-10k pace), I’ve decided to incorporated slightly slower paced tempo (10k-HM pace) workouts into the current program that I’ve constructed. Unfortunately, there are too many other variables that have changed to draw any comparisons but this evening as I sit here, I feel okay, and that speaks volumes.

A.M. easy 37:26 but cold, -1C… and damn icy
P.M. easy/moderate 1:06:09