Tuesday, November 13


This afternoon I decided to stop pretending and register for the damn race, and with that, I was in. I found it exciting; as I’ve mentioned previously I thoroughly enjoy this part of the build where possibility & hope thrive. Where the destination is far enough away that nobody can question your path and yet close enough to feel the gravitation pull. My next act was to email the elite coordinator to see if I could still be seeded in the preferred coral. As the deadline had passed I wasn’t optimistic so I played the my-wife-is-pregnant-and-have-had –to-change-my-race-schedule card (not to be used lightly) and through the compassion of Heather everything looks like it will work out just fine (I’m forever grateful).

Now, as I type, my run this evening couldn’t seem farther away. I remember feeling okay, I had an upset stomach but my legs were fine. And, as the light faded and then the twilight weakened further still I remember feeling even better, my pace and confidence crept up leaving a trail of complete and total satisfaction.

I now wallow in fatigue with only self-pity and lethargy as company.

Training: 1:11:05 with 5xstrides (1’)

P.s. Mike, thanks for the code, much appreciated!