Friday, May 4

1994 Commonwealth Stadium

Hicham popped by again after work and was kind enough to drive us up to UVic so that I could take advantage of the softer surfaces, prior to hitting the roads again next week. I’m trying to encourage the recovery and spend as much time on grass and bark mulch as possible. Once up there. like the routine-based, creature of habit I am, we traced our way through Henderson, looping through the Vale and out toward the stadium. As we jogged along the path behind the student residences we passed by an old innocuous looking bench, held fast in cement at the base of a giant maple. Fourteen years earlier, I remember some friends and me marking our initials in the cement as the bench was being set. I’m smiling still, as I recall the memories of my varsity years.

We made our way to the stadium, which hosted the 1994 Commonwealth Games. The picture doesn’t do it justice as the 30,000+ temporary stands have been removed. That said, I have far fonder memories just the way it is. Hicham was up for anything, and didn’t hesitate for a second when I described the workout (12x diagonals, jogging the end line as recovery). I laugh now after talking with his coach who was just a little surprised given Hicham was supposed to be in the midst of a recovery week (again, I’m still smiling). After floating through the first few Hicham looked over, “woah, these aren’t strides”. We continued on, Hicham kicking off his shoes for the last four… another prefect spring evening.

Training: easy 48:37 with 12x diagonals, AHR 135, MAX 166


Chris said...


Not Commonwealth Satdium. Although you are correct it was used and with extra seating, it is called Centennial Stadium.

The track has been there since the 70's. I remember racing on it in elementary school!

Michael said...

You say “satdium", I say “stadium”… it’s semantics! Okay, you’re right, Centennial Stadium, but I’m not changing the name of my post! How has the week of training unfolded?

Chris said...

>>How whas th etraining week unfolded?<<

Not too bagly.

Tomorrow we be my last uber long run of any measure...then we will know.


Play on word.

Mike said...

Michael, I can't find your email address so I'll comment here on the long run dilemma. Personally, I prefer the 2 hours done 2 weeks out over 2:30 a little earlier. The main reason as you might imagine is the increased amount of time for recovery from London. At this point I think any long run's purpose is more about sending your body the message that it still needs to store glycogen, and two hours should give the system that stimulus as well as 2.5 hours. If it seems too easy, you can always work the pace down a bit in the last 30-40 minutes and get down to marathon pace. Just my two cents since you asked. Good luck at Ottowa.

Anonymous said...