Tuesday, May 15

Competition and camaraderie

Hicham had arranged with me to head out for a run this afternoon, so I was a surprised when I saw Jim and Carter (spikes in hand) standing outside as well, brilliant. I guess I shouldn't have been that surprised as the other two had mentioned they were heading to the track but I excepted them to be long gone. We jogged along as four adolescent lads might, faster then we should have, but after passing by the track we parted ways, them to run some 200s and Hicham and I to cruise the waterfront (something that is fast becoming a post-work ritual).

The/my topic of conversation revolved around the distinct lack of club competition and camaraderie in town. After visiting the UK and reading about the Club Championships, I was jealous. I would love to have a Club Championship on this side of the Atlantic, I'd even settle for a Provincial or City Championship. You could argue that we have an unofficial one that revolves around the Island Series, but with the Prairie Inn Harriers giving free lifetime membership to a lot of the faster runners I think the results are skewed. Okay, maybe that is unfair as the PIH also just have a huge membership (a membership that I have been proud to be apart). I think what it boils down to is competition, where is the competition when the club with the largest membership wins? I'd love to be part of a team, A, B or C squad where going into a race you knew that your result mattered. Participating in a race where it didn't feel like a time trial, where I was in a pack, throwing in surges either hoping to drop my competitors or deviously out sprint them at the finish... and sadly no, I was never a high school or varsity runner.

I received this weeks schedule from Bruce last night and was happy, mildly surprised, to see that it was very similar to the one I'd drawn up for myself. The pins felt fine today, particularly good during the first 20'. It always amazes me how much better you feel when you're moving that fraction quicker. The left achilles issue/opportunity for improvement (which I think was primarily caused by not stretching after my track session) has settled down, this is comforting. Unfortunately, my right calf was still sore. The pain isn't intense, it just feels swollen, whether good or bad I could only notice it during the first half of the run (booked a massage for tomorrow, come on Janet).

Training: easy 1:02:31, AHR 135, MAX 159, right calf still sore (feels swollen), stretched both pre & post run