Wednesday, May 9

Spring has arrived

For weeks now, almost going on two months, I’ve been patiently waiting for spring to arrive; today I believe it has. I’ve just come inside from what was my first sans chemise jaunt, I loved it. I’m typing now, and Ally’s cat is reveling in the sunshine, rolling around on her back, carefully keeping within the bounds of the sun square lit on the carpet. It was a warming 14C today, with a light 7 km/h breeze out of the southeast. Tomorrow it’s supposed to be 17C.

As much as I enjoyed the run, heading out was a different story. Perhaps it was because I’d been unable to shed the monotony of today’s tasks on the walk home? Regardless, I was second-guessing myself, should I really run? Am I experiencing mental fatigue from London? Wouldn’t it be better to curl up on the couch and bask in the sunshine?

It took a few minutes, but once outside I was fine. Up Rockland and along Brighton to Windsor Park, where the flawless grass of the cricket pitch was my canvas. The first two strides felt horrible, the muscles in my legs were tight and my proprioceptors were fighting to gain awareness of the position of my body. I then recalled something Mike (or MC) had suggested weeks back, and I ran by feel on the third stride rather then racing my unforgiving opponent (he left dejected after that one). After the strides, I traced the coastline back home along Beach & Dallas, enjoying a sorely missed spring afternoon!

Training: 1:00:11 with 8x 20” strides, AHR 135, MAX 162