Monday, May 7

Flora London Marathon Week #11, #12 (and beyond)

Typically, Monday’s are a day off training and I have been using them as an excuse to review the week’s events. Walking home this afternoon then, I realized that I’d been negligent in recapping my training for the last month (and in so doing tracking my virtual Across Canada journey).

That said, with the addition of six weeks of training (albeit including a taper) I’ve logged an further 528km for a total (since January 1st) of 1,926km! Last time my trip ended outside of Medicine Hat, but with the added kilometers I’ve traveled well into Saskatchewan (north of North Dakota), through Regina, arriving at Sintaluta… pretty much the middle of no where!

Week #11
Monday: day off
Tuesday: progressive 1:04:16
Wednesday: 56:18 1,2,3,4,4,3,2,1 at 10k effort, (75”)
Thursday: leisurely 1:05:21
Friday: enjoyable 29:36 in Mt. Doug (travel)
Saturday: 29:15, to-ight back
Sunday: progressive 53′

Week #12
Monday: casual 40:05 plus drills
Tuesday: 40:16 with 6x strides
Wednesday: 1:00:40 with 10′ at MP, plus 3x (2.5′ at 10k pace, 1′ E, 1′ at 3k pace, 2′ E)
Thursday: day off, right knee is still bothered
Friday: easy 20:16 with 5x strides, right knee still misbehaving
Saturday: easy 16′ with 4x strides
Sunday: Flora London Marathon 3:14:11

Week # -1
Monday: day off
Tuesday: 50’ very easy (2x 25’ to a rural village for lunch and back)
Wednesday: day off
Thursday: 30’ easy (travel)
Friday: easy 35:50
Saturday: easy 51:16, 6' too long
Sunday: 1:04:35 with the TC 10k at 37:20

Week # -2
Monday: day off
Tuesday: easy 45:42, AHR 134
Wednesday: easy 42:28, AHR 133
Thursday: easy 48:33, AHR 126
Friday: easy 48:37 with 12x diagonals, AHR 135, MAX 166
Saturday: easy 51:39, AHR 132, 6:40 mi/pace
Sunday: social 1:33:28