Monday, May 21

Victoria Day

I met with Ann and Jim this morning to discuss the upcoming Royal Victoria Marathon Clinic that Frontrunners will host (starts June 2). With the previous co-leader moving to Vancouver in pursuit of love, I had been asked whether I was interested in taking over. With no fall marathon on tap this year, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to give back to the running community (I’ll be leading the fast half marathon group). Jim walked us through the provisional 18-week build that he has put together (very exciting), after which we discussed coaching. I’m quite excited about this prospect as I’ve never done anything like this before.

Monday: day off
Tuesday: easy 1:02:31, sore right calf
Wednesday: 1:31:21, with 2x 5k at MP (2’), plus 8x 1’ at 5k pace (30”)
Thursday: undemanding 34:24
Friday: easy 33:07
Saturday: 1:14:34, with 6x1k on 3:20 (2’), MAX 172
Sunday: easy 1:11:21

With the meeting finished, & today in BC a statutory holiday (Victoria Day), I took the opportunity to wander through Beacon Hill Park. Given the frequency with which I train there, I thoroughly enjoyed meandering along the trails at a more leisurely pace and used the occasion to snap a few photos:


Mark said...

beautiful photos of some real nice primo running trails

Lawrence said...

Good for you for getting into leading a run group. It's great that you are giving back.....


Chris said...


After operating my own clinics a couple times, nice and successful an dbeing a coordinator of a TC 10k clinic, I will tell you that they are exponentially more rewarding than operating a race (Tour de Rock 5 & 3k)...althought the race thing is fun, the clinic provides lasting memories for the runners.

At The KOOL half marathon there were 7 people from one clinic, all of them approached me to say a few nice words or cheered extra loud.

I run into this all the time.

Good for you the payback last no less than two years (so far anyway).

Thomas said...

Just out of curiosity, how fast is the fast half marathon group?

Michael said...

I'll have a better idea after the first day. I think the faster half marathon group is sub 1h40, where you'd be a run leader.

Anonymous said...