Saturday, May 5

Elk/Beaver 50k Ultra

With the wedding inside the three-month window and me being out of town the last two weeks, I spent a significant portion of yesterday completing some errands that I’d neglected. With my responsibilities finished, I couldn’t have been more excited to head out and stretch my legs in the evening (the weather even cooperated throwing down a few sprinkles). On an aside, with Victoria experiencing continued cool spring weather (it’s 9C now & yesterday’s high was a whopping 12C), Ottawa could be interesting as last year it was 17C at 7:00 a.m. race morning.

My run yesterday was a mixed bag. My legs felt smooth as I high-stepped through the grass and wildflowers in BHP. I made sure to keep the pace relaxed but couldn’t resist timing a marked kilometer (4:06, AHR 137). During the last third of the run, my stomach began feeling unsettled, the bugger I’d had for lunch rumbling around. This was only made worse as I could still smell the greasy trapping on my right hand. But it was so good, with bacon and brie cheese!

Kudos goes out to Carter, who yesterday decided to run in the 20th edition of the
Elk/Beaver 50k Ultra (and Official ACU Canadian Championship). I’d done the race in 2005 in preparation for the Knee Knacker and I’d be hard pressed to ever consider doing the feat again. Not only that, it ruined my enjoyment of the lakes for over a year (not worth it). Unfortunately, I didn’t have the pleasure of trying to talk RC out of his moment of insanity and he completed the race in a time of 4:02:31. The race was won by Nik Southwell 3:15:44, with Sean Chester (only 23) finishing 2nd in 3:25:17. Sean is also preparing for Ottawa and had decided to use this race as his last workout; apparently, he’s not frightened of any over-distance preparation.

With Ottawa, three weeks out and London only a fortnight ago, I’ve been questioning how to approach my remaining training (particularly the long run). Normally I would do my last long run today but with recovery from my 3h14 paramount, I haven’t been able to decide a) when to do my last long run and b) how far it should be. After taking into account this weeks work schedule, chatting with a friend and receiving feedback from
Mike and Eric (Eric is two weeks out from the Fargo marathon and his training has been gong exceptionally well) I’ve decided to continue to focus on recovery this week and make next Sunday’s jaunt my last long one.

Training: easy 51:39, AHR 132, 6:40 mi/pace


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

I think doing Ottawa is a mistake. I highly recommend you read the story in april's runners world about "Americas Next greatest marathoner". Like him, and me, you probably cant be talked out of the classic mistake of training too hard until it nails you a few times. If you were indeed overtrained for london then Ottawa oughta compound the issue. i hope Iam wrong. if ottawa goes as bad as I think its going to go I suggest you take the rest of 2007 off marathoning.

If you decide to nix Ottawa I think you could kick some butt in Vic if you use the rest of May to recover from your last 2 marathons.

good luck, i love your blog and appreciate it a great deal. I learn alot from it. Im not trying to be a jerk- when you read the article you will see what iam trying to do for you.

Anonymous said...

I beg to differ from the opinion expresed above. There are countless stories of Marathoners attempting a marathon 3-4 weeks after a failed one and have good success. Even Lydiard recommends a full marathon time trial 3 weeks before a marathon race.

Where did 'over train' ever come up in your mileage and quality? It is clear that the only difference between Flora London and successful marathoning and ultra marathoning was the heat. Like did you even get a single 100 mile week in?

There is no 'issue to compound' unless Ottawa is 35 degrees.

'Runners World' - ? What and read about this month's new plan, that will make a difference, one that you and Bruce were not privy to, because it is new?

Ha ha ha.

Rip Van Wrinkle.

Eric said...

Thomas's comment to your next post says it very well. Only you know if you are recovered enough to make it a good idea versus a bad idea. Either way, don't peg it to anyone's story but your own, good or bad.

My personal feeling is that you should give it a shot, and you will run well. Good luck!

Oh, and don't take advice from cowards--good or bad. If you care so much, sign your name, folks!

Anonymous said...