Wednesday, May 16

Survival of the fittest

I had a troubled stomach today at work, either someone is poisoning my cup or I’ve narrowed it down to the tamari covered almonds. Within moments of heading out, hell, before heading out I knew it was going to be one of those runs and as such I decided to stay closer to home then I otherwise might.

I ensured that my warm-up was on the slow side of the scale, after which I started into the workout with the enthusiasm and energy saved for the first day of summer school. I split the first mile a bit hot (5:49) and then eased into a comfortable rhythm. I was actually quite amazed that when it was game time, the body responded. I’m quietly optimistic, although if you could promise those same splits at about 9:00 a.m. next Sunday I’d be ecstatic (the race starts at 7:00).

#1 5k 18:33 (154, 163)
#2 5k 18:43 (153, 161)

My 5’ jog before the 8x1’ took me passed the heron rookery where a couple ladies were standing looking up.

“There’s a bald eagle up there by one of the nests” she said, “You can see it from here”.

I jogged over and sure enough, there was a mature eagle perched beside a heron nest. What she didn’t notice was that its partner was in the nest eating.

With a straight face I said, “There’s actually two”.

“The bastards, that is awful… how cruel”, one of the women shrieked. Her friend looked at me mournfully, with a look that said, what can we do?

As I jogged away, I felt sadness for the other herons as they circled waiting for the eagles to leave, calling out futile warnings. I also couldn’t help but think of the eagles, and the young that they were inevitably hunting to feed. Wasn’t it Hobbes who said, life is nasty, brutish, and short?

I also managed to find time to see Janet, turns out my calf problem is caused by my BIG toe, who knew? Followed that with an epsom salt bath and a light stretch. Oh yeah, as it was 20C when I was running, I decided against the 2x10’ sitting in the sauna, didn’t seem right.

Hope everyone had a good day!

Training: 1:31:21, AHR 140, MAX 163 with 2x 5k at MP (2’), plus 8x 1’ at 5k pace (30”)


Marc said...

Happy to hear the stomach problems didn't adversely affect your run.

Those poor eagles! One minute things of beauty being eyed as majestic birds, the next minute being castigated as cruel bastards. Yes, life is nasty, brutish and short.

Anonymous said...

Don't feel for them, it's naturally what the eagles do. They have been known to do that for sometime in BHP. The island is well populated with both species a little downtown action doesn't put a dent in their populace. Also, human intervention is the start of other problems.


Anonymous said...