Thursday, May 24

Ottawa Marathon (2 days)

I went out for a run this morning, my last before getting on the plane this evening for Calgary . I couldn't believe how gorgeous it was out, I could already feel the suns warmth as I jogged up the quiet city streets. I almost miss all those early morning runs I was doing in February & March, almost. I took the long way around to a small park not far from where I live and started into the workout. I took it relatively easy on the first 5, tempo'd the next 5 and then opened it up just a little for the remainder... the legs felt great.

My stomach showed an improvement over yesterday (75%) but is still a concern. It seems to get agitated when the pace comes up? With a few days left before the race I'm hoping that whatever virus/bug I have manages to work itself out of my system, come on body! Either that or I'm going to really have to ease into things on Sunday.

I just checked the weather and they're forecasting 30C tomorrow, 22C and mainly sunny on Saturday and 19C with a 90% chance of rain on Sunday. Given the rainfall we suffered through this winter/spring this could be a blessing in disguise.

After discussing race strategy with a friend of mine, I've decided not to get too caught up on pace this time around, and rather run by feel. This hasn't stopped me from jotting down pace times from 3:43/km - 3:48/km, but my plan is to run conservatively for the first half and assess things later. I'd still like to PB, and would be ecstatic with a 2:39:59, but will have to see how my body responds on the day.

Training: 41:53 with 15x diagonals


Mark said...

2:39:59 or bust! You go man, I really hope you have a good race.

I finished in the top ten at the Niagara International Marathon one year after feeling like crap the day before; it all changes when you toe the line.

Love2Run said...

Have a great race Mike! It's looking like the weather will be cool and you can execute the plan of running hard by feel. Good luck and watch the crowds at the start.

Jarhead said...

Great work on all the preparation, it has been inspiring to follow your training and I've the utmost respect for the dedication you've displayed during these last few months.

Have a great race!

Cliff Tam said...

Michael..regardless of the outcome..have a great race.

You will never know how you do until you are in the race.

The weather is chilly that's for sure.

Thomas said...

Good Luck in Ottawa, Michael! Looks like the heat will dissipate just in time. Take that as a good omen.

Mike said...

Michael, go to it man. I hope the stomach plays along and that the weather cooperates. I'll be looking for a 2:3X:XX come Monday. Best of luck.

Anonymous said...