Thursday, May 10

Time to blow the rust off

Hicham was supposed to swing by my place for a run after work, but when he turned up in his work clothes it wasn't difficult to decipher that his afternoon hadn't gone as planned (work emergency). He dashed off home to get changed, and I left my place, up Rockland and then weaved my way along Brighton toward the track. For those who live in the area and are up for a slight detour, apparently the lower trail at the Governor Generals House is open once again. On my easy days, I often jog through the grounds when I need a change of scenery. Meant to check out the new trail today but I remembered 10' too late.

Hicham showed up 25' into my run and surprisingly enough at the same time as the energy in my legs fell out the the bottom; oh it was going to be a long one. With all my talk of recovery, whenever I feel sour the sensation is heightened and I question every step. Fortunately for me, my stomach started acting up 10' later and I wrote the entire thing off as just one-of-those-days. We jogged along the waterfront, sans chemise (day #2) discussing past and future races, our ladies, plans for the weekend... all the normal stuff. Before I knew it, I was minutes away from home and feeling that much better.

Tomorrow is T-day for me, test or track, take your pick? I've opted for 8x800m and I'm very curious how the legs will respond, particularly after noticing all the rust during yesterday's strides. In an effort to counteract said rust, I manged to have an Epsom salt bath this evening followed by a solid 20' of stretching. I keep asking Ally to remind me to stretch, but I know it's me that is going to have to take some ownership over the next two weeks.

Training: leisurely 1:01:51, AHR 131, MAX 158