Saturday, May 12

Oak Bay Track

I dropped Ally off at aerobics and drove around to Oak Bay where later that morning, Jim, Rumon and Kirk (?) were hoping to light up the track. I sauntered along the trails making my way toward the water and onto Willows Beach. With the tide out, I jogged easy on the sand and then headed into Uplands Park before turning around. My left achilles was quite sore and tight after yesterday's w/o so I made sure to keep the pace gentle, even talked myself into stretching "before" the run. I wore some new flats yesterday (left my old ones in London out of spite) and I'm having second thoughts as to whether I'll race in them as my calves always seem wrecked the day afterwards (not sure if they'd hold up for the entire 26 miles).

Once back at the track (see photo), the boys were just about to start their w/o, 1600, 1200, 800, 400 fast (descending from 5k pace, through 3k, mile and all out). But that's only half the story, between the track sessions they headed out across the fields to squeeze in 2k of tempo, .ie., 2k, 1600, 2k, 1200, 2k, 800, 2k, 400. Having already run, I thoroughly enjoyed being able to watch while soaking up some sunshine. They all performed well but the Stones Award must go to Kirk, who after running track at university is just getting back out training again.

Training: a leisurely 39:25, sore achilles