Friday, May 11

Extreme frustration

During the last 30' of work I was unfortunate to be involved in what was probably THE MOST FRUSTRATING CIRCUMSTANCE I've had to deal with in over two years. It's Friday, and instead of walking home with a spring in my step I was scowling, tense, and ready to explode. Just give me a reason, I dare you! I wanted to say something, many things, but instead I walked away hoping to cool down and deal with it on Monday. To make matters worse my stomach was upset, stupid salad! I've always been fortunate enough to leave any work related stress at work (where it belongs), but as I starting jogging toward Oak Bay track I couldn't help but second guess myself, thinking that the workout would be better off run tomorrow.

As I weaved my way through the gate and onto the track a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. Perhaps as paths in Asian gardens have corners to ward off evil spirits, the tight corners of the gate also confused and scared away my frustration. Whatever the reason I was thankful.

Kevin is racing Ottawa as well, and he drove down from up Island to run the workout with me. We warmed up for about 10', catching up with our training and REALLY ENJOYING the warmth and sunshine. My evening was already getting better.

I was surprised at how fluid my legs were, particularly as the felt like lead on the way over. We agreed to alternate 400s and then we were off. I laughed as I took him through the first 200 in 36", and couldn't help but think Carter would be laughing had he been there as well. We "tried"easing up but came through the 800 a little hot. The next five passed with the same amount of effort as you might expend spreading warm butter on bread (I've got NO idea where this came from). Number seven was a bit of a stretch as my stomach was uncomfortable but sorted itself before started the last one. Number eight was as fluid and easy as the seven before it and as I watched Kevin pull away during the last 200m I really wanted to go with him but told myself to leave it for race day. The splits, time AHR & MAX:

2:33 (161, 172)
2:35 (160, 172)
2:37 (160, 170)
2:38 (159, 170)
2:37 (159, 170)
2:37 (160, 170)
2:36 (161, 171)
2:38 (159, 170)

I am really pleased with the workout and how my legs felt but a tad concerned with my elevated HR. I would've expected MAX it to be a good 5-6 bpm lower. How much does heat and stress effect your HR? I was going to do an easy 40' tomorrow but as I'll gain nothing from running myself into the ground I may take the day off; we'll see.

Training: 1:19:24 with 8x800m on 2:40 (90"), AHR 138, MAX 172


Michael said...

I'm tired and don't feel like changing the post. If you click the "workout" tab at the bottom of the post, it'll take you to a w/o I did about 10 days prior to Sacramento when I ran 10x800m with 2' rest. It turns out my MAX HR was about the same and it was quite cool that night. Maybe I shouldn't be too concerned? I fell better...

Lawrence said...

"How much does heat and stress effect your HR?"


Great times for the 800's. Good workout.

At my job, I sometimes recite a mantra a (now retired) colleague used:

"8 and the gate"

Chris said...

Ottawa weather is unrepdicatable.

Now we are in the heat and they are cooling off.

Chris said...


Mike said...

Nice workout Michael, though I'm bummed to hear the achilles is bugging you again. As for the elevated heart rate, I think lots of factors can affect it. Looks like you're zeroing in for Ottawa.

Anonymous said...