Saturday, May 19

A blustery day

I’m about to go into more detail than some of you probably care to know about me, so if you fit that profile tune back in tomorrow. The last four days I’ve been having stomach issues, it seems I can keep much in me for very long. What concerns me the most is the amount of liquid/water that I’m losing. Marathon training is difficult enough without having additional hydration troubles. I’m going to call my sister (she’s a nurse) and see what advice she can offer. If that fails, then it’ll be off to the clinic on Tuesday, if not sooner.

I received an email from Dave yesterday informing me that some of the boys were going to be at the track, and asking me if I wanted to join (Bruce also coaches Dave). After jogging there, followed by an emergency pit stop, I was somewhat surprised (and slightly intimidated) by the number of people warming up. Thankfully a few of them were spiked up and running 500s, and so it was that Simon, Dave, Adam, Craig, Ian and I toed the line to rip through kilometer repeats. Unfortunately, for all of us, it was the windiest day of the year, which made running along the home stretch very unwelcoming. Additionally, for the caboose on this train (me) it was a lonely effort with the front runners finishing 30” sooner. That said, I loved the camaraderie and support that I received; it was a great non-competitive, encouraging environment… and the sun was shining.

Given the sensitivity of my stomach, I was uncertain how the workout would unfold, but apart from the relentless blustery weather, I couldn’t have been happier. I wore my new flats and didn’t notice them once, perfect.

3:17 (164, 171)
3:17 (163, 172)
3:19 (162, 171)
3:18 (162, 170)
3:18 (163, 170)
3:17 (162, 171)

Tomorrow I’m off into the trails for one last pre-race frolic. I don’t get to run out there often enough, and I’m eagerly looking forward to rediscovering some of my old haunts later this summer.

Training: 1:14:34, with 6x1k on 3:20 (2’), AHR 139, MAX 172