Friday, May 18

Saucony Fastwitch

On my way to work this morning I was trying to think of a good reason, any reason, why my calves might be causing me grief. Last nights abuse with the stick had helped, but they weren't 100%. After a few minutes I started to get that nagging feeling, like seeing a face in a crowd but not being able to place the person. Thankfully, it wasn't long afterwards that it hit me, "when was the last time I bought new shoes?"

Later that morning I phoned my sister and she confirmed what I had suspected, January 17th, the Asics 2120. That was before I started my 12 week build for London! Now granted I did receive some new Adidas on March 9th, but I've used those primarily for shorter/easier runs (not wanting to switch to new shoes when I was having grief with my achilles). Regardless, that is four solid months of marathon training and all my long runs!

I popped down to Frontrunners after my run this evening and grabbed a new pair of 2120, and I'm hoping they'll be the catalyst I need. I also picked up a new pair of racing flats, the Saucony Fastwitch Endurance... the old school version, special ordered (thanks Wuz). Tre was putting me through the gears this evening, but I couldn't help but overhear him tell Jim that I was being "one of those customers". The thing was, I couldn't decide on getting the new Fastwitch 2 in a 9 1/2, (I raced London in the 10) or the older, original version in a 10... that was my choice, that's all they had. In the end I went old school, they felt more like my 2120, the heel cup no where near as squishy in the newer version. Anyhow, I'm going to try them out tomorrow and if everything goes well, I'll be bringing them to Ottawa with me.

Hope everyone has a great long weekend, and all the best goes out to Eric who is racing the Fargo Marathon. He has put in some serious training, and should post an impressive time.

Training: easy 33:07